Thursday, March 27, 2014

                                                  Art by Jenny Zovein

     I can honestly remember plucking away at an old typewriter just like this. My typing teacher told me over and over that I would have to cut my long fingernails because she could hear each time I clicked on a key. The clicking sound gave me pleasure as I kept time with the music on the radio.  I would trim just a little but never cut them the way she wanted me too.  After all, my nails were my pride and joy in my teen years.
     Then came the electric typewriters and the hum covered up the click, click, clicking of my nails. This not only made my teacher happy but the students that were seated around me. This way I was able to let my nails grow as long as I wanted while applying fresh nail polish on them everyday.
      I thought I was on Cloud 9 when I purchased my first electric typewriter. I would type love letters to my sweetheart, Don. Oh and by the way, we continued to stay sweethearts and have been married for 46 years. We still have our old love letters packed in a box in the attic.
      Well, enough of that and back to my story.There would be no more pencils or ink pens in my future or at least that is what  I thought. Soon, the electric typewriter got boring to me and I went right back to the pencils and ink pens. I realized I could add flair to my penmanship using just the right ink pen.
      Then up popped the computer world. I fought this new gadget  with tooth and nail. I wasn't about to learn the evils of a computer and after all it wasn't going to last for long. Well, I ate my words on that statement cause here I am using it every day and enjoying every minute of it.
      So, I have learned that you never say never. After deep pondering over the situation I realized this Southern woman was never going back to the click, click, clicking of an old typewriter no matter what amount of joy it gave me in my younger years.