Monday, March 31, 2014

This is a shirt that my group, "The Southern Belle Breakfast Club," has created just for us. We meet every Thursday at one another's house for coffee and laughs around the kitchen table. We always tease that what is said around the kitchen table stays at the kitchen table. We consist of 7 ladies that share many things. We pray for one another in bad times and laugh with one another in good times. This is actually how I came up with the idea of my book The Southern Belle Breakfast Club.  We had been meeting for a long time and I told them I was going to write about a group of ladies and "bingo" the plot thickened. I had my manuscript done before I knew it but didn't have a name. One of the ladies said her husband had asked her when was she having coffee with her SBBC  again. She didn't know what he was talking about and thought at first he was making a joke. He then repeated the question but this time said ,"When are you going to have coffee with The Southern Belle Breakfast Club?"   With his sweet teasing he had delivered me a great name for my book and a terrific name for our group. Thus, we are know as The Southern Belle Breakfast Club.