Monday, May 5, 2014

                                                                  The Dinner Bell

 I love my dinner bell. I had always wanted one just for decoration, but  soon learned that it was good for the purpose it was invented. My son looked high and low and finally found one at a neighborhood yard sale. I couldn't wait until my husband put it on a  pole and placed it in our side yard. I was eager to cook a meal and then ring the bell as a signal for everyone to come and eat. Soon I was ringing that bell when I baked a pie, ringing that bell when I made cookies and ringing that bell when I wanted everyone to come into the house. My grandson and his friends even got into the act. They would gather at our home to play ball and I would get busy baking cookies. Just as soon as I pulled them from the oven I would rush out and ring that bell. I will always remember the smiles on their faces when they knew it was time to come inside and eat warm cookies. The kids are growing up and it doesn't seem as much fun to listen to the ringing of the dinner bell but they still enjoy eating my cookies or my chocolate cupcakes. There isn't as much action with the old bell anymore except for the birds landing on top and resting awhile in the sun shine before they continue their journey. I still have my memories of all the kids running around in my back yard with pleasurable expectation of my cookies. The dinner bell will continue to get a fresh coat of paint each season and yes, after the paint dries  I ring that bell for old times sake.