Saturday, May 31, 2014

This picture holds a very sweet memory for me. I can remember the first time I held this flower/weed in my hand with Mama's hand wrapped tightly on mine holding the flower close to my lips. She whispered in my ear, "Close your eyes, make a wish and blow all the white wishes from the top." I loved the thoughts of the top being white wishes all for me. I blew as hard as I could but no matter how hard I tried they wouldn't all blow away. Suddenly, I felt the warm breath of  Mama blowing against the side of face. She was helping me and all my wishes soon filled the air around us. My  next memory of these flowers was when I was older and running through the cow pastures with my cousins. We would gather as many of these in our hands as we could. Each of us were trying to see if we could out do the other in collecting the most. We would be very careful picking them so the wishes wouldn't blow away before we had the chance to close our eyes, make a wish and blow them ourselves. Innocent times, innocent play and a life time of memories that make me hurt for more time to share  with others.  So, if during a hike in the fields or pastures, if you are lucky enough to come upon these flowers, pull it gently, close your eyes, make a wish and blow with all your heart. Maybe if your lucky your wish will come true just as mine did as a child.