Wednesday, April 9, 2014

 It's almost time for my husband and me to take a quick weekend trip to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Even though we live in North Carolina we always visit South Carolina beaches. There is only one conclusion of why we prefer this beach and  that's because  our parents took us there as children. Just another way of saying we followed in our parents foot steps. At this time of year  the water is still quite chilly but  I really don't like to play in the ocean water anyway. I have always had the fear  of a shark inviting me to dinner and me being the main course. I also have the fear of  slimy jelly fish. So, we play in the pools and walk up and down the beach line looking for shark teeth that have washed ashore. As a child my daddy would tell me that the shark dentist would pull the teeth from the shark and then at night spread them in the sand so silly tourists could bend over all day looking for the teeth. I believed what he said and why not, daddy was my hero.
 I truly think my favorite time of the year at the beach is when there are very few people around. There is no skimpy bathing suit sun worshippers lapping up the sun or joggers running up the beach in their custom fit, name brand jogging outfits. It's not that I am getting old, but I love the scenery that God has created in a quite afternoon while sitting on a large blanket spread out on the beach. I look out over the waves and wonder just how God came up with His creation. When I get to Heaven I have a long list of questions I want to ask Him and one does pertain to the beach and the mountains. Something tells me I want care about the questions when I get to Heaven.
I love watching the sea gulls  running from the waves and then rushing back to see what little creatures were left behind that they can enjoy for their meal.  They won't get to enjoy the privacy of being alone on the beach when the summer brings in the swimmers. Enjoy it while you can birds!