Sunday, April 6, 2014

I love  going back to my childhood even if it is only in my mind. I honestly feel I had the best childhood that anyone could have. I had cousins living within rock throwing distance of me. We played from sun  up to sun down. There were about 12 of us  ranging from four years old to sixteen. We all played together regardless of age. Our favorite place to gather was my grand mamma's house. It had big barns, old tractors just sitting in the fields for us to climb all over and corn fields we could actually get lost in while playing. There were apple tress all along the back side of the house. Grandmamma would ask us kids not to pull the apples from the tress because she was saving them for canning. We liked that idea cause we knew that would be apple pies in the winter time. Regardless, we couldn't resist eating an apple or two a day from the tree, but we had to obey grandmamma and her rule or we knew what would happen. So, we would climb the tree and eat apples while they still hung firmly on the branches. We figured that would not be "pulling" apples from the trees and we would still be obeying her rules. I can remember to this day seeing nothing but the apple core hanging from the branches of those old apple trees. I often wonder if Grandmamma knew what we had done. We cousins kept our mouths tightly shut and would declare up and down that some old bird was picking away at those apples until he had his belly full. After a while we began believing our stories but deep down I still felt guilty and decided I wasn't going to do that anymore. It also takes a lot of skill to hang by a branch and eat an apple with outstretched mouth and not touch the apple with your hands. That was another reason I gave up apple eating from a tree top. My boy cousins teased me that I should be able to do it perfectly because I had the biggest mouth of all.  We also loved to play hide and seek but that is another story  that I will save for another day.