Saturday, April 19, 2014

This is one of our favorite places to eat when we are at Myrtle Beach, SC. Trust me, it can get crowded so you need to pick your time to get there. It is located on 900 North Ocean Boulevard. Peaches Corner is a cornerstone for the city of Myrtle Beach. It has been around since the late 1930's. The name Peaches Corner came from the family name Peach. The name was catchy so they decided to keep it Peaches Corner. Hot dogs were sold for 15 cents or 2 for 25 cents and beer was 10 cents back then. Don't expect to pay that how, but believe me the amount you pay is worth it. Just being there and knowing you're at the beach and eating at Peaches Corner is a thrill in itself. Peaches Corner is now owned by Pam Crutchfield. It has with stood the test of time and is proud to be a landmark in Myrtle Beach.
My husband, Don and I had quite an experience when I tried to take a picture of the establishment. It was Spring break so you can imagine the people that were on the street cruising and yes, we were right in the middle of the madness. I told my husband I wanted a close up picture. He told me to stick the camera out the window and take it from the car.  No way! I jumped out of the moving car and raced up the sidewalk to get me a good picture. I had to dart in and out between people all the time trying to make sure I could jump quickly back in the car. I took what I thought was a perfect picture, turned around to find my husband and he was no where in sight. I looked ahead and up the street and there he was but unable to stop to pick me up. The cars were bumper to bumper on the street and no one was giving an inch. I took up a hefty trot toward the car and almost reached my patient husband when the light turned green. He was trying to wait for me to catch up with him and jump in the car but the blasting of the car horns behind him helped him realize he had to keep moving and fast! I just waved bye while holding my camera with my perfect picture of Peaches in my hand.  Knowing my husband the way I do after 45 years of marriage, I knew he would against all odds come back for me. So, I stood on the corner of the street waiting. I looked hard in the distance and there he was coming to pick me up from this adventure I was having.  I waved real big to let him see me in the crowd. He brought the car to a stop making all the cars behind him realize he wasn't giving in until I got in the car. I jumped in the car still holding my camera tightly. Impatient to look at the picture I clicked the button and to my surprise NO picture. In my impatience to get the perfect picture I had hit the wrong button on my camera.  Don shook his head, laughed  and said, "You never cease to amaze me."  Well, I have learned never to jump from a moving car no matter how slow it is going and always make sure your camera lens is open in order to take that perfect picture.
Well, I got that perfect picture on the morning we were leaving to come home from Myrtle Beach. There were no crowds to dart in between , no cars to stop for, but the worst part of getting up and out that early was that Peaches Corner wasn't open so I could get me one last hotdog before leaving the beach. Oh well, I got my perfect picture anyway.