Thursday, April 3, 2014

Spring is trying very hard to help flowers grow here in my little town of Monroe, North Carolina. We have daffodils growing all along the side of the highways around my house. I can't resist stopping the car, pulling over on the side of the road and clipping me some to bring home and put in an old quart jar. Yes, I have vases that I could place them in but I can still remember my mama placing her wild flowers in an old canning jar for display. I can't resist letting a memory creep into my mind. So, as I look at my daffodils sweet memories flood my heart.  This picture is the only flower I have from Mama's flower garden. She loved  flowers and they must have felt the work she put into them. They grew all over her yard. I pulled one single iris bulb from the ground and planted it at my home with the feeling it would never come up. I was wrong . It has grown greener and bigger every season. I call it "Mama's Memory Flower."  Keep growing my dear iris cause as long as you grown I still have a little bit of Mama down here with me.