Sunday, April 6, 2014

                                                                  Art by Jenny Zovein

This art work reminded me of a sweet memory of my past. A mailbox can contain bad news or news that can delight the heart and soul. I can remember when my husband was in the army and I would wait patiently every day for the mail to "run." (Has the mail run yet?) This is a statement that is still used to this day by some of us in the South meaning has the mailman delivered the mail. My husband would write me one or two letters every day while he was stationed at Fort Sill. Some times his letters would arrive all in one day. I would go to the mailbox, grab out those letters and head toward the house opening them as I walked. I could never make it back to the house before stopping and relaxing under the big shade tree reading each and every letter over and over.   GREAT MEMORIES!